Increased appointment rate by 72% with PetDesk

How this veterinary hospital focused on existing clients to increase appointment rate by 820 appointments annually

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Increase in Client Contact Information


Increase in Appointments Per Client

Increase in Annual Appointments


Clinic Overview

This practice offers veterinary care and boarding for the area with 2 veterinarians and a full staff of technicians. It has about 8,000 clients and takes more than 4,000 appointments per year. 

The Problem:
Client Retention
and Growth

As a business-trained practice manager at this California-based animal hospital, David identified problems with client retention and the growth of the practice. The practice seemed to be shrinking, but without the cash to go out and get new clients, David was unsure of what to do. He noticed that clients only came in about 2 times every 18 months on average and that the practice didn’t have a great way to connect with them.

“PetDesk has been a great tool to reach and retain our clients, and our staff has found it very easy to use.”


Practice Manager

DVM and Vet Tech examining a dog in the treatment area

72% Increase

The Solution: The PetDesk App and Reminder System

David decided to attack the problem with his existing clients instead of spending money to get new ones. He instituted the PetDesk App and Reminder System and made it a priority to collect email and cell phone information. In doing so, he collected more client information and stayed in front of clients more often.

Female pet parent utilizing her cell phone while holding leased dog and while male pet parent pets happy dog

The Results: Business Growth and Increase in Appointment Rates

By attacking their retention and communication problems, this hospital was able to grow its business by 26%. David and the team saw an increase in the 18-month appointment rate from 2.12 to 3.64 after increasing their client visibility by more than 20%. With these new processes in place and a system to retain clients, they are now ready to start acquiring new clients to grow the business even more rapidly.

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