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How a clinic saved time and improved client bonds by adopting an app

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Clinic Overview

Serving clients and their pets in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada since 1976, Albert North Veterinary Clinic (ANVC) has always focused on keeping clients engaged and satisfied. Marketing Manager, Jennifer Oldfield describes part of her job as seeking out and managing anything “that bonds [our clients] to us.” Providing a broad spectrum of services from basic preventative care and surgery to acupuncture and massage services, ANVC is dedicated to adopting and implementing initiatives that drive client engagement.

ANVC partnered with PetDesk to not only help connect with their clients about their pets’ health, but to help save their staff time to provide better care.

The Problem: Too many phone calls means not enough time for exceptional care

In a world of increasing competition and ever-changing consumer preferences, ANVC understood that retaining clients required more than maintaining efficiencies and practicing the standard of care fitting for an AAHA-accredited hospital.

Because she always monitored hold times and spoke to clients on a regular basis, Jennifer understood that they had to adjust their communication and client management strategy to stay at the top of their market.

What ANVC clients needed was easy mobile access to their pets’ health information and appointment requests, and texting capabilities for streamlined communication. ANVC began shopping for a system that could not only meet the needs of their clients, but host their existing loyalty program without significant changes.

The Solution: A client app that meets client expectations and boosts staff efficiencies

Upon implementing PetDesk’s mobile app, texting capabilities and customizable loyalty program, the ANVC team made sure to encourage clients to download the PetDesk app and educated them on its features and benefits. Jennifer was thrilled when her team and ANVC’s clients quickly adapted to PetDesk’s system.

“There’s less talking on the phone to people. They just put their information in, and we just do it.” Cass, a member of the front desk staff, shares. “In some ways, I was surprised at how many people utilized [the PetDesk app] at first.” Jennifer said. “But I have the app on my phone, and when you look, you see how easy it is.”

According to Jennifer, clients are so happy with the app and loyalty program that they “sell it themselves” to other clients in the waiting room and regularly mention PetDesk in online reviews.

The Results: High app usage and adoption, engaging loyalty program, and more time savings

With the speedy adoption of PetDesk’s essential communication services, the ANVC staff quickly saw an astonishing reduction in phone calls and outgoing mail reminder notices. And with less phone calls and reminders, the staff was afforded more time-savings with about a 20% reduction in phone calls.

“We do get a lot of calls, and some days it’s crazy,“ Jennifer said, “but we get a lot of prescription refills and appointment requests through PetDesk, which is extremely helpful for the reduced number of phone calls.”

Eleven months after implementing PetDesk, nearly half of their clients have downloaded and use the app. Of clients who scheduled an appointment after a health service reminder, 62% did so through the PetDesk app instead of picking up the phone.

Looking back on the decision and the success of implementation, Jennifer and her team are pleased that their clients have adopted the new PetDesk system and use it on a regular basis.

From the clients’ perspective, it’s a very big convenience factor.

- Jennifer Marketing Manager