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Vet Tech Confessions Competition

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Story #1

Amy, DVM

“She was practicing a one handed syringe draw before using it on our patient when the syringe suddenly flipped in the air and landed perfectly straight right on her boob.”

Story #2

Elvira, RVT

“…turns out, I was holding the testicles the whole time instead of his leg.”

Story #3

Marian, Lead Tech

“…she explained to me that the reason she wanted them is so she could add them to her wind chimes….which happened to be made from her deceased mother’s knee replacements.”

Story #4

Stephanie, Vet Tech

“…when I asked her where the kitten was, she lifted her shirt and she had the kitten latched to her own breast trying to feed it.”

Story #5

Samantha, Vet Assistant

“He started kicking me and ended up taking my pants and underwear completely off my body.”

Voting is now closed.

The winner will be announced on October 26th.

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