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24/7 online scheduling tailored to your veterinary practice

A super customizable real-time veterinary online booking tool that drastically reduces phone calls, keeps you in control, and can even add revenue to your hospital.

Veterinary Online Booking System powered by Vetstoria
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Offer clients the service they expect

Over 70% of pet owners prefer to schedule appointments online, and many of those are willing to switch to a practice that offers the service. Vetstoria integrates perfectly with PetDesk allowing for seamless appointment booking for your clients and your staff.

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Automate repetitive and time-consuming tasks

Reduce the time and effort spent by your team scheduling appointments over the phone and manually confirming requests. Focus on what matters most, such as treating animals, assisting clients, and growing your business.

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We help you set it up

Our team works with you to configure the platform to match your existing booking process. It takes less than 2 hours of your time!

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Take bookings in real-time

Our software speaks to your PIMs (twice per booking) and so displays appointments that are truly available. This means your customers are seeing an accurate representation of your calendar and what is available now, not five minutes ago. The benefit being that your customers can now 100% self-serve, saving you the time and hassle of untangling double-booked appointments.

Super customizable

We know maintaining control of a hospital calendar is really important, so our Online Booking Tool is set up to be super customizable. You can encourage routine appointments to be booked online; choose how many, and when, new customers can book appointments; hold spaces for emergency appointments (but release the slots if needed); triage potential emergency appointments, account for vets with different skills, needs, expectations and working hours, and so much more!

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Generate more appointments

Did you know 42% of online appointments are booked out of office hours? Capture these people by opening your practice up to take appointments online 24/7 on your existing website, or directly via Facebook, Instagram, or Google. Offer targeted promotions to attract new clients and analyze results with user-friendly reports.

Why offer online scheduling to your clients?


of booked appointments are made out of office hours


of appointments are booked on mobile devices


of online appointments are booked by new clients