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PetDesk Overview

Thousands of veterinary practices use PetDesk to assist their staff, expand their business, and guide clients to better care. With PetDesk’s 5-star rated mobile app, automated reminders, texting platform, and other engagement tools, clinics retain their best clients that put care first and find more “CareFirst” clients just like them. All for a less stressful, more successful clinic.

Veterinary client communication features

Leverage PetDesk’s powerful veterinary client engagement features that support your front office staff so they can provide the best care and consideration for your clients and pets. Here are just some of the ways that can help transform the way your practice operates:

Reminders & confirmations

Apps, emails, push notifications, and text messages let you deliver critical veterinary information that boosts client compliance.

Five-star pet health mobile app

Our #1 veterinary communication app keeps your clients connected 24/7 with immediate access to their pet’s information.

Online appointment requests

59% of clients prefer online scheduling. So give them what they want — online scheduling day or night — and reduce the time your staff spends on the phone setting, canceling, and rescheduling appointments.

PetDesk texting

Instead of picking up the phone only to leave voicemail after voicemail, utilize PetDesk Texting to share quick and simple pet information like post-exam follow-ups and medication pick-ups.

PetDesk loyalty

PetDesk works with your practice to create a loyalty program that will not only incentivize clients to stay loyal and visit your clinic more often but keep pets happier and healthier with helpful services.

Support every step of the way

From implementation to training and beyond, PetDesk provides your staff with unmatched, quality support for your practice so that you can continue to give clients and their pets an exceptional experience.

PIMS integration

Supercharge your practice management system by syncing with PetDesk so that you can cut down on busy work and accomplish more care for pets. PetDesk currently works with top PIMS like AVImark, Cornerstone, ImproMed, and fifteen others.

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Client benefits

PetDesk is proud to partner with Blue Heron Consulting (BHC), the nation’s leading veterinary consulting team with a mission to improve the lives of veterinary professionals. At their core, BHC is a coaching and support team that works to amplify your strengths, build systems to remove gaps in care and workflows, and create a culture of leadership within your team.

We are thrilled to work with the BHC team and their clients to help veterinary teams guide their clients to quality care so that they remain satisfied, and their pets continue to live longer, happier, and healthier lives.

If you’re a BHC client looking to learn more about the benefits of our partnership, we encourage you to talk with your BHC Coach or schedule an online demo with a PetDesk Practice Management Consultant to learn more!

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