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Compliance Builder

Reach all of your clients with our powerful reminder system. You probably have 2,ooo or more active clients that you haven’t seen in more than 18 months. They are certainly out of compliance, they may have moved on, or they are just busy and haven’t thought about petcare recently. It’s time to get them back in the door.

Reach All of Your Clients

Clients use many different communication channels and prefer some over others. Let us manage how your message gets to them without you having to do anything. You can reach clients on these channels:

  • Send email that is optimized for mobile
  • Send text messages to cell numbers (we’ll find them for you)
  • Send push notifications to app users
  • Send postcards to physical addresses

Get Clients Back in the Office

All of your clients will receive reminders for their vaccines, annuals, and anything else you have in your practice management system. We’ll always send these digitally first to save you money on postcards. But sometimes health service reminders aren’t enough. Clients will also get automatic birthday messages and once a client hasn’t been seen for 18 months you can send a custom deal to get them back in.

Make Sure Clients Show Up

The app insures that clients remember their appointment but you can reach all of your other clients with email and text reminders as well. We’ll send these automatically two days before and ask them if they are coming. Not only will you see no show rates drop but you’ll make 35% less phone calls to confirm they are coming.

Recover Clients

Automatically send emails to clients you haven’t seen in 18 months.

Raise Compliance

Send vaccine and annual reminders on all the channels your clients use.

Stop No Shows

Send a reminder for every appointment and give them an out with time to rebook.

Lower Call Volumes

35% or more of clients will re-confirm they are coming without a phone call.

“We love that the platform is made just for the pet industry and customized to our practice. It’s amazing how well it fits in with our workflow.”

Haley H, Practice ManagerHill Country Animal Hospital

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