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PetDesk-quality technology and support, now starting at just $99/mo.

PetDesk Starter

Reduce no-shows and save time with PetDesk

We’ve bundled our platform’s essential, easiest-to-use tools for clinics to start saving time and improving the client experience. With PetDesk starting at just $99/mo, it’s never been easier to reduce no-shows and save time with client engagement.

PetDesk starts at $99/mo

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We offer PetDesk Starter at just $99/month.

Client-Facing Mobile App

Give clients access to PetDesk’s top-rated pet health management app, where they can access prescription information, request appointments, receive appointment reminders and pet pickup notifications, purchase pet health insurance, and set their own pet health to-dos.

Appointment Requests

Receive appointment requests from clients in the time blocks you choose, or pulled from your PIMS. These requests don’t write back into your PIMS, giving your staff the flexibility to approve them or suggest alternate times.

Appointment Reminders

Remind clients of upcoming appointments, through both the PetDesk app and via email, to reduce no-shows.

Pet Pickup Notifications

Notify clients that their pet is ready for pickup via mobile app and email notification. No need to pick up the phone to let clients know their pet is ready.

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PetDesk Core includes everything that comes with PetDesk Starter, plus:

Health Service Reminders

Everything you need to engage your patients and keep clients compliant. Health service reminders, a call list for appointments that haven’t been confirmed yet, mass messaging, lost client reactivation, and appointment confirmations that write back to your PIMS.

Patient Data Management

Give clients access to their pets’ medical records and lab results in the PetDesk mobile app, and create customized timing for lab result availability to give yourself time to speak to the client beforehand.

Reputation Management

Track your client experience with post-appointment surveys, and encourage clients to leave you a review on your Google My Business page to optimize your online presence and reputation.

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PetDesk Advanced includes everything that comes with PetDesk Core, plus:

Two-Way Text Messaging

Take advantage of two-way text messaging (from your existing practice phone number) to make client communications more convenient and time-effective.

Digital Workflow Management

Enhance your office workflow with additional PetDesk tools like Video Chat for post-op follow-up, PetDesk Pay for quicker payment collection with lower rates, and take payments via SMS with Text2Pay.

Dedicated Customer Success Representative

Have your own practice advisor, with a dedicated Customer Success Representative from PetDesk, to help optimize your clinic and implement best practices.

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Our fullest featured package!

PetDesk Premium includes everything that comes with PetDesk Advanced, plus:


Our client-favorite Loyalty program incentivizes clients to stay compliant and purchase additional food, supplies, and care from your clinic.

Practice Acceleration

Tools and services that take your clinic to the next level. Receive unlimited CE for your practice through PetDesk’s CE University, beta access to exciting new product releases, and more hands-on training and reviews with our Customer Success Team—including Quarterly Business Reviews—to ensure you’re making the most of your PetDesk subscription.

Bundle and save

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Custom Websites and Digital Marketing

Design, copywriting, and technical teams work together to build your website, implement an SEO strategy, and bring your digital persona to life. The look, feel, and usability of your website are carefully created, tested, and perfected to make sure your patients are able to smoothly interact with your business.

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Online Booking

Reduce the time and effort spent by your team scheduling appointments over the phone and manually confirming requests by allowing your clients to schedule appointments online. Focus on what matters most, such as treating animals, assisting clients, and growing your business.

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Smart VoIP

Streamline communications that create a better experience for staff and clients. Utilize a modern VoIP phone system that integrates with your Practice Management System, personalizes your clients’ phone experience, correctly attributes marketing campaigns, and takes care of your online reputation.

The all-in-one patient journey bundles

PetDesk Starter, starting at $99/mo, includes our Client-Facing Mobile App, Appointment Requests, Appointment Reminders, and Pet Pickup Notifications.

All of our packages include those 4 features, plus:




Client-Facing Mobile App

Appointment Requests

Appointment Reminders

Pet Pickup Notifications

Health Service Reminders

Patient Data Management

Reputation Management

Online Booking by Vetstoria

Website Plan by WhiskerCloud

Advertising by WhiskerCloud

VoIP by Kontak


Two-Way Text Messaging

Workflow Optimization

Dedicated CS Representative


Practice Acceleration

PetDesk’s ROI calculator

Curious how PetDesk can impact your practice’s revenue, no-show rate, and overall client retention? Utilize our custom calculator below by inputting and adjusting the numbers to match your needs, and we will send you a report with the exciting breakdown!

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Learn how this practice increased their annual revenue and saved 565 staff hours with engaged clients using PetDesk.

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Client Communication Made Easy

Empower your veterinary staff with PetDesk

We’ve already simplified communication for over 3,500 veterinary practices and over 4 million pet parents (and counting!) so they can give pets the care they deserve. Ready to join us? Request a quote today!