Reward Your Clients For Their Loyalty

Providing your clients with an app to manage their pet’s health is already a great loyalty builder.  Build more client engagement with a fully customizable loyalty plan that syncs with your practice management system. Your clients will come back more often and spend more.

Increase Revenue

Gain Clients

Fully Synced

Save Time

Veterinarian rewarding client loyalty

Customized Loyalty Plans

We understand that every clinic is a snowflake. That’s why we aim to make everything we do as customizable as possible. Our loyalty plans are no different.

You can modify how many points are awarded per dollar spent and set up any type of reward you want to offer. Your customer success manager will work with you so your loyalty plan aligns with your business goals.

More Loyalty = More Spend

In the pet health space, loyalty is most impactful on client’s spending habits. Since clients don’t purchase products or services with you on a weekly or daily basis, it makes less sense to have a punch card type of system. But when they do come in, you want to make sure they are motivated to buy all of their needed products and services from you.

You’re most likely losing some revenue now that they can buy medications and food online, and get their vaccinations at retail stores. A customized loyalty plan will give them an incentive for buying all of that directly from you.

Veterinarian increasing his clinic revenue with loyalty

"Our clients are huge fans of PetDesk, the app allows them to be more efficient and they especially love saving money through the loyalty program."

Casey Krackenberger, Practice ManagerKennesaw Pet Center

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