Reach Your Clients on their Own Terms with a Mobile App

Just go to your waiting room and look around—you’ll see most of your clients interacting with their mobile phones! Technology has changed the way pet parents interact with pet care businesses. Give your clients an app that makes their lives easier when managing their pet’s health and keep them coming back to your clinic.

Client dog not paying attention to postcards and mail

Your Clients Aren’t Hearing From You

If you are only sending postcards and emails, then you’re reaching about 30% of your clients. You need to expand the number of channels you use to reach all of your clients. Today, pet parents don’t just own smartphones—they use them like crazy!

More than 80% of your clients use smartphones and they:

  • Check it 150 times per day
  • Read 98% of SMS texts and push notifications
  • Spend more time on their phones than on their computers
  • Spend 86% of that time using native apps

Increase Your Reach With A Native App

Give your clients what they want: a native app! Your clients will love PetDesk because it’s the only pet app built natively—just like the apps they use everyday. It’s faster, easier to use, and integrated deeply with their phone. You’ll see at least 40% of your clients that downloaded the app using it every month.

If you compare our app to a web portal they have to find and log in to (and usually forget their password for), you can expect a 1000x increase in engagement.

Pig, cat and turtle client using their mobile phones
Horse, cat and bird clients talking to veterinarian at the practice

Turn Pet Health Into Your Clients’ Priority

The PetDesk App empowers pet parents to be proactive their pet’s health and opens up a new channel of communication for your veterinary practice and grooming shop. With our free mobile app, your clients can:

  • Request and confirm appointments with all their pet care providers
  • Refill medications
  • Access pet health records
  • Create reminders for recurring pet health tasks

Customers enjoy these benefits from our app for clients:

Lower No-Shows

Appointments are added to their personal calendar and they automatically get an hour before reminder that day.

Raise Compliance

Vaccine dates and annual check up exams are easily accessible in the app.

Lower Call Volumes

Clients request appointments in the app, staff confirm with a click, and clients re-confirm two days before.

Increase Revenue

Include your online pharmacy and pet health insurance provider of choice in the app.

“Our clients love the PetDesk app because it is free, easy to use, and assists them in keeping up-to-date with their pet’s vaccines and appointments."

Karina Velez, Co-Owner and ManagerHeart of Harlem Veterinary Clinic

Karina says it all – let’s talk about your mobile strategy!