What practice management systems do you sync with?

  • Advantage
  • AVImark
  • AVImark SQL
  • ClientTrax
  • Complete Clinic
  • Cornerstone
  • DVM Manager
  • DVMax
  • eVetPractice
  • Hippo Manager
  • HVMS
  • ImproMed Infinity
  • ImproMed Equine
  • IntraVet
  • IntraVet SQL
  • RxWorks
  • Stringsoft
  • Triple Crown
  • V-Tech Platinum
  • VIA

Can you reach all of my clients?

Yes, we can. Our reminders solution will send appointment reminders and health service reminders to your clients, for whom you have an email, cell number, and/or physical address. They do not need to download the app to be notified.

I have boarding and/or daycare as a part of my business. Can PetDesk work with me?

We intend to build a veterinary solution before building a boarding and daycare solution. Depending on how these services overlap at your business, we may be able to provide a solution for you. You can schedule a consultation here.

How do clients hear about and download the app?

We try to do the heavy lifting for you. Every message we send out has a link to download the app. We also train your staff on best practices to get clients to not only download the app but also give you their email and cell number.

Do my clients pay for the app?

Nope. The app is completely free for your clients.

Where can I find your customer reviews?

You can find ratings and brief reviews in our customer ratings page.
Some of our highlighted reviews are found in our customer testimonials page.
More detailed and in-depth reviews are in our customer stories page.

You seriously don’t lock me into a contract?

That’s correct. You can cancel anytime. We believe our customer service and the continued success of our solution will keep you a satisfied customer.

What if I want to upgrade my subscription plan?

You can always upgrade your subscription or plan by sending us an email or giving us a call.

What happens when you add new features or raise the price of my plan?

When you sign up for a plan you are locked in at that price. We won’t raise the price on you if we add more features. The only time you would pay more is if postage increases or you want to add one of our new products.

What happens if I cancel my subscription?

We will set a cancel date to stop service. If you are on the monthly plan your billing will simply end. If you have paid for an annual plan then you will be given a prorated refund minus any discounts received.

What forms of payment do you take?

We take all major credit cards. You only have to enter it once during the payment process and then we will charge it either each year or each month. We do not store your credit card information. Everything is handled by Stripe – a well trusted payment solutions partner. If you’d like to pay without using a credit card please call or email us and we will work with you to make that happen.

What happens at the end of my billing cycle?

To maintain continuous service for your clients your subscription will be automatically renewed. For yearly subscriptions we will notify you when that date approaches.

How do we transition from our current reminder system?

Our customer success team will work with you to turn off your existing communications and schedule ours to start at the appropriate time. You can also send special messaging to alert clients of the change.

Are there setup, training, and support costs?

We make sure that the platform is configured just for you, that your staff is trained, and that if something goes wrong we’re here to help. We bundle all of this up in a one-time fee for each solution. Pay for a year and we waive these costs.