The Tool For Modern Communication: Two-Way Messaging

Two-Way Messaging is the most up-to-date solution for your practice’s communication needs. Sending and receiving important messages in real-time frees up your front desk to take care of the things that matter.

Engage Clients

Increase Efficiency

Gain Loyalty

Save Time

Personalize Your Connections

Two-Way Messaging is the tool you need to engage with your clients on a regular basis. Client loyalty is fostered through ongoing dialogues that are convenient, useful, and personal. By opening a new line of communication with your clients, you can keep them engaged with another channel that creates a personal touch. 

Two-Way Messaging personalizes your relationships with clients when you:

  • Notify them that a medication refill is ready
  • Let them know when routine lab results come back negative
  • Send them updates about their pet from the clinic
  • Send pictures of their newly groomed pets
  • Acknowledge appointment cancellations and send suggestions for rescheduling

Increase Clinic Efficiencies

With Two-Way Messaging, your clinic can minimize the excessive time that outgoing calls, missed calls, voicemails, and return calls add to your staff’s day. Using a dedicated virtual number for your clinic, you can send and receive text messages from clients at any time. 

This feature is the most direct and discreet way to communicate with your clients about the things that are most important to them – their pets. 

Your staff’s time is precious, and two-way text messaging removes the down time between initiating a conversation and waiting for a response. This allows the front desk to deal with more important things – like attending to clients in your clinic. Sign up for Two-Way Messaging to unlock the efficiencies that come with:

  • SMS and picture messaging 
  • Adding a texting button to your client’s app
  • Accessing client message histories
  • Store and easily input templated messages
  • Set up auto-replies for when your clinic is closed

Build Loyalty

Your clients build loyalty by interacting with you regularly. If clients are not visiting your clinic on a regular basis, it may be hard to keep in touch. 

Two-Way Messaging is the perfect way to maintain communication with clients over time while building trust that you will be there when they need you. Take the guesswork out of routine updates, medication notifications, and negative test results and allow your clients to communicate with you on their time. 

"Clients love the quickness of responses - they've got their answer faster than ever. Especially for prescription refills, which we can text about, and it is a breeze. It makes it a lot more efficient!"

EuniceWest Park Animal Hospital

"For us, Two-Way Messaging has been a real lifesaver for doctors, reception, techs, just everybody. Clients love the quickness of responses - they've got their answer faster than ever."

AdamNorth Alabama Animal Hospital

"It's a time-saver. Who doesn't check their text? Get a faster response from the owner. It's a lot easier to respond."

MelissaNew Ulm Regional Veterinary Center

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