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Two-Way Messaging and Mass Messaging for Veterinary Practices

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The benefits of PetDesk Two-Way Messaging

Two-Way Messaging makes communication convenient and accessible for both your staff and clients, while giving practice partners customization options to manage client expectations.

At PetDesk we find the most frequent uses of Two-Way Messaging are:

  • Post-exam follow-ups and rechecks
  • Notifying clients when medications are ready for pick-up
  • Easing patient concerns when routine lab results are favorable (negative)
  • Acknowledging and rescheduling appointment cancellations

PetDesk Two-Way Messaging is a simple way to engage and connect with clients using your existing number, or a dedicated virtual number, to send text messages with photos, video, and PDFs.

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Veterinary staff time is priceless. Two-way text and picture messaging maximizes it.

PetDesk Two-Way Messaging is an easy way to give your clients what they want while freeing up staff time.

Manage client expectations with Two-Way Messaging afterhours auto-response.

Does 24/7 messaging access mean you’re always on call?

No. PetDesk Two-Way Messaging gives veterinary practices the ability to set the hours when the practice is virtually closed and generate auto-response messages during that time.

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Maximize efficiency with two-way text messaging templates.

If your clinic uses scripts for routine conversations, you know they can save valuable time.

PetDesk Two-Way Messaging templates deliver that same efficiency to your front desk. You can create templates applicable to common occurrences — e.g., a negative fecal — and recoup time for more critical matters.

PetDesk Two-Way Messaging is an easy way to give your clients what they want while freeing up staff time.

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Use PetDesk Mass Messaging to continually engage and connect with clients.

Want to contact a segment of your client base about promotions or business updates?

Use PetDesk Mass Messaging to send one-way messages (aka push notifications and emails) about promotions, limited time offers, or business updates. Push notifications cut through the noise to reach clients where they’re at — on their smartphones.

PetDesk’s mass messaging analytics allows you to see how many:

  • People you sent the message to (Sent)
  • Total people received the message (Delivered)
  • People opened the emails (Opened)
  • Individuals clicked on a link within the email (Clicks)

See how PetDesk client communication technology enhances communication and boosts staff productivity.

Case Study: Market Street Veterinary Clinic

See how Raffy Dorian, DVM saved 565 hours of staff time by implementing PetDesk.

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The Future of Client Communication in the Veterinary Industry

Rance Hampton, DVM, and Sam Schopler of PetDesk discuss leveraging client communication technology.

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Happy customers make us the #1 client communication
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"Clients love the quickness of responses - they've got their answer faster than ever. Especially for prescription refills, which we can text about, and it is a breeze. It makes it a lot more efficient!"

EuniceWest Park Animal Hospital

"For us, Two-Way Messaging has been a real lifesaver for doctors, reception, techs, just everybody. Clients love the quickness of responses - they've got their answer faster than ever."

AdamNorth Alabama Animal Hospital

"It's a time-saver. Who doesn't check their text? Get a faster response from the owner. It's a lot easier to respond."

MelissaNew Ulm Regional Veterinary Center

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