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First things first, don’t pay anybody for social media services or spend all your time worrying about a blog or that silly Facebook page.

We agree that is important to have a presence online but want to stress that maintaining your social media should be quick, painless, and what you do in your spare time. In order not to waste your workday staring at your timeline or retweeting the same old content people have already seen you can use some of our suggestions.

1. Appointment Request Post

Using one of our links you can create a Facebook post that also acts as an appointment request function. If you need help, feel free to contact your Customer Success Manager to assist you with this. This is great if you have a monthly promotion for a certain service since clients can get the information about the deal and then immediately click to request their appointment. The easier it is for clients to request appointments. the more appointments you’ll get.

2. Meet The Team

Your clients are trusting you with the furry members of their family. That’s kind of a big deal, especially if this is the first time in the practice. Go ahead and introduce yourselves! You can post about a new hire joining the team, a staff member who did an awesome job that month, or re-introduce the familiar faces around the office. Either way, your clients will feel more connected with your staff, and it will make your employees feel special too! We really love seeing pictures of the staff with their adorable fur-babies.

3. Behind the Scenes

There is a lot going on in your business. Some of it can be more photogenic and interesting than you think! You can always post pictures of the ongoings around the office. For instance, the adorable faces of little ones in for their puppy or kitten vaccines will tug at heartstrings. Staff dressed up for Halloween will make clients smile. And simply a picture of your front desk staff person greeting a client, or prepping a patient, can help a newcomer know what to expect.

4. News Bulletin

Posts about the goings on and new developments in your business can definitely pique a client’s interest. Let them know what’s going on, so your clients can feel in the loop! Ex.- Did you start providing any new services? Did you remodel the exam rooms? Do you have a new flea treatment? Are you having any cool events? Do you have different holiday open hours? Is your staff heading out to learn tons of stuff at a conference?

5. Pet Care Tips

Even life-long pet owners can learn a thing or two. Posts about seasonal issues (holiday safety tips, handling the heat in the summer, etc) and big items and concerns (dental health, aging pets, fleas, and ticks, heartworm prevention, pet adoption, etc) can both inform and entertain clients. If you need help with what to say check out some tips on social media marketing.

6. Questions

Engage your clients! You can ask them questions with a purpose (ex. What sort of treats should we stock at the front desk?) or random ones just to get them involved (ex. Do you celebrate pet birthdays?) The answers could help you improve client relations and, at very least, they will be entertaining!