Welcome to The PetDesk Blog! Oh, and by the way, you shouldn’t have one.
PetDesk News Dec 19, 2014

Welcome to The PetDesk Blog! Oh, and by the way, you shouldn’t have one.


We are here to help you improve your business by giving you simple tips and advice that most of the time revolve around technology. If your a veterinarian, groomer, or boarder then this post is for you.

Our first how-to guide is relatively simple:

It should be titled,  “How to Not Waste a lot of Time and Effort by Writing a Blog that only gets Updated Every 6 Months.”

But that might be a little too long.

  • Step 1: Don’t Learn How to Blog
  • Step 2: Don’t Pay Someone A Lot for a Blog
  • Step 3: Don’t Write a Blog
  • Step 4: Focus on Clients at your Location
  • Step 5: Find Clients Searching for You

That last one is not so simple but will be the topic for our next blog post!

Simple right? Here’s the quick rundown on why we believe you don’t need to blog. Blogs are only successful when they have A LOT of quality content. It’s very hard for us to maintain a blog (Ha! only 1 post in) but nearly impossible for a local business to do it. And a third party service blogging for you will not create the quality of blog content that you would need to attract visitors.* So save that time, money, and looming pressure and focus it on profitable tasks like finding new clients, keeping existing clients, and reducing workload.

*If you get a blog as part of your website and you don’t have to pay a lot for it then that’s great!