What Our Customers Are Saying

We treat our customers like family, and we win their loyalty by providing amazing service. That’s why they love PetDesk.


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Salish Veterinary Hospital Aumsville Animal Clinic Cat Clinic of Orange County Mission Veterinary Hospital Mesa Northeast Animal Hospital Buffalo Animal Hospital Capitol Animal Clinic Blue Sky Animal Hospital Animal Hospital at the Crossing Central Veterinary Hospital Hope Animal Medical Center Heart Of Harlem Veterinary Clinic Apple Valley Veterinarians Kindred Spirits Veterinary Clinic

Salish Veterinary Hospital

"The app is very user-friendly, it is easy to monitor requests and communicate with clients via our portal and customer service is awesome!"

Aumsville Animal Clinic

"I have always received amazing customer support from your team. All of my questions answered completely, any suggested adds are taken into account, etc. Clients are happy with the information that is available to them through the app."

Cat Clinic of Orange County

"You guys are the best! PetDesk has freed up my front desk team's time a bit so they can focus on our clients who are in the clinic with their cats (as opposed to being on the phone all the time). We love how you are always improving and developing your product."

Mission Veterinary Hospital

"Ease of use on clinic end, app is great for owners, support for clinic staff is fantastic."

Mesa Northeast Animal Hospital

"Anyone looking for a reminder system, a way to increase online reviews, and decrease labor cost, please look into PetDesk. Their Customer Success team is such a pleasure to work with and really take suggestions and ideas to heart. Such a great company! Excellent, couldn't ask for better customer service and ease of use."

Buffalo Animal Hospital

"The ease of use and the time saving has been very beneficial. The ability for my clients to email me at any time of the night and the fact that I do not have to hand print reminders and maintain paper follow up pages."

Capitol Animal Clinic

"Really great customer service, and excellent, constantly improving features. Really helped us reduce no-shows."

Blue Sky Animal Hospital

"The very first thing that the client said was that she noticed our Google Reviews improving from 2 reviews to more than 20 reviews. This made the client feel more comfortable going back to the clinic. Dr. Johnson says that all these reviews are credited to PetDesk guiding clients to leave a review on Google. He was stunned that the first thing the client mentioned was the reviews and not the pet. He was that excited about it!!"

Animal Hospital at the Crossing

"It the short time we have had your service, we've experienced prompt replies when issues or questions arose. Additionally, we love that y'all are continually updating and improving your service."

Central Veterinary Hospital

"Our online reviews have increased so much since we starting using PetDesk. Their customer service is wonderful! They get back to you instantly and will take any suggestions for improvements seriously. We have so many new clients request appointments using the app (up to 10 a week), we might have a no-show or two but we still gain quite a few new clients a month."

Hope Animal Medical Center

"Easy way to quickly communicate with clients. The information you need is right at the tip of your fingers."

Heart Of Harlem Veterinary Clinic

"Our clients love the PetDesk app because it is free, easy to use, and assists them in keeping up-to-date with their pet's vaccines and appointments."

Apple Valley Veterinarians

"I have to share how much I appreciate our Customer Success Manager’s interest in our practice. She is truly a member of our team by now. I wish we could have her here to help us!"

Kindred Spirits Veterinary Clinic

"PetDesk is so valuable to busy practicing veterinarians. By addressing some of the recommendations you have made, we have increased our income by 20% for 3 months in a row. Moreover, we have seen, protected and helped a BUNCH of little furry babies."

What are the top #3 reasons our customers love PetDesk?

#1  PetDesk is easy to use.

Butterfield Animal Hospital

“The dashboard is super easy to use and the alerts for missing or incorrect information is foolproof. The mobile app has made client communication so much easier. The customer service representatives are always super friendly and very knowledgeable.”

Bow Wow Beauty Shoppe

“Very easy to use for a busy business owner and client. The customization for clients is great! Having an app readily available to reach clients through their smart phone is AMAZING! I love it that it links to my existing POS software to download appointments. Having the flexibility to change appointment times/hours instantly is very useful as well!”

Orange Veterinary Hospital

“Overall, very user-friendly and straightforward. User-friendly interface; appointment scheduling and cancellations are simple.”

#2  PetDesk is the best technology for client engagement and staff efficiency in the pet care industry.

Indian Creek Veterinary

“Our clients and staff love the Pet Desk app. It has opened up new methods of communication with our clients, including adding a personal touch by sending pictures of their pets via text while visiting us…without our staff losing privacy or sharing their number. With today’s busy schedules, I find that our clients like the ‘text’ option over calling.”

Central Veterinary Hospital

“Our online reviews have increased so much since we starting using PetDesk. We have so many new clients request appointments using the app (up to 10 a week), we might have a no-show or two but we still gain quite a few new clients a month.”

Northridge Animal Clinic

“We are a very busy clinic and this has freed up a lot of time for all of our employees. No show appointments have been reduced, which is always good. Easy to schedule appointments without being on the phone. It’s been great as far as communicating with our clients via text or email. Not having to send reminders has been pretty awesome too.”

#3  PetDesk is committed to Customer Success and sharing industry best practices.

Ohana Pet Hospital

“User-friendly for both the setup & for the clients. Simple & to the point information on both ends helps trying to figure out how to use or how to read things easier. Always had timely help with any questions that I had for myself or for users.”

Kennesaw Pet Center

“We absolutely LOVE PetDesk! The setup process was very easy and everyone at PetDesk was and has been amazing! Making appointments, medication refills, confirming appointments, and being able to see vaccinations is outstanding! We are so happy to be able to use such an outstanding app!  It also helps my front desk with phone traffic, because everyone can make appointments through the app.”

Erlanger Veterinary

“A huge plus for me is their customer service staff! Anytime that I have a question they are always there with support. I cannot say enough great things about PetDesk!”