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We have some exciting news and updates to share! So let’s walk through some new additions, and here’s something really cool…. we’re changing our name to PetDesk!

Message history is now available inside the dashboard! After looking up a specific client in the Clients tab, you’re able to see direct messages they previously received. The Client Details section also has a tab to show the history of Reviews left by individual clients and customization of their Settings for communications. Additionally, inside a specific pet’s details we have improved access to Reminder, Appointment, and Prescription information.

Soon you’ll have a history and stats for mass messages too! So cool right? There is more!


Client Details in Scheduled Tab and Call List Tab:

We’re also presenting more client information inside the Scheduled, Today, and Call List tabs. These tabs now showcase ID numbers and appointment classifications from the practice’s PIMS. This includes the appointment Type/Resource and the Status associated with the appointment, so there is an easy view of what is listed for that appointment.

Missing Reminders:

We’ve got a new flag to show when a pet does not have enough Health Service Reminders listed. The previous “MISSING REMINDERS” message has been replaced by a smaller red bell icon. If you hover over the bell or the pet name, it pops up with a short explanation that the pet has one or fewer Health Service Reminders associated.

Call List Confirmation Check Marks:

The Call List tab shows all the appointments for the next day. Here you can view who has confirmed digitally, and who has yet to confirm appointments. We added a checkbox feature that allows you to work directly from the list to check off clients you are confirming without having to print out the list, and use it as a manual check sheet.

Loyalty Program Coming Soon:

Many of you have expressed wanting a loyalty program built into the app for your clients. This one is still in the works, but will be ready in the very near future! We will keep you all updated as it gets closer to launch… but get excited!


We are growing into much more than just an app company. This is why we will be called PetDesk starting November 7th!

PetDesk aims to differentiate ourselves in the pet space and truly become one of a kind. So the biggest news of all is that we are ready to change our name, and rebrand ourselves to accomplish our goals. The team is very excited to announce that on Monday, November 7th we will be changing from PetPartner to PetDesk! The new name is more encompassing of all that we do, reflects who we are as we’re growing up, and clearly differentiates us from other services. We will be reaching out to all of our customers to talk about this change, and answer any questions. We hope you are all as excited as we are!

You can reach the PetDesk (almost formerly known as PetPartner) Support Team at