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As the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the lives and routines of clients, veterinarians are rushing to implement solutions to help maintain their quality of care under the novel constraints of stay-at-home orders and social distancing guidelines. For PetDesk, our customers immediately began using Two-Way Messaging to coordinate curbside pickup, perform triage, and do rechecks for appropriate cases. Usage of Two-Way Messaging increased more than 300% over the span of three weeks. 

And while Two-Way Messaging helps veterinary clinics cater to many clients’ preferences and keep their phone lines open, our customers were clear about a critical gap in their tools to facilitate Virtual Care – for now, and in the future. 

Today, with PetDesk, you can give your clients a single app to manage their pet’s health, request appointments, and launch a Video Chat. It’s just as simple for you and your staff because Video Chat launches from the place you use for all your other client communication needs – the PetDesk Dashboard. And for your clients, they interact with you over video using the same scheduling and app system they’re used to.

Key Benefits

PetDesk’s secure Video Chat helps strengthen the veterinarian-client bond through scheduled live video calls, empowering veterinarians to practice telemedicine seamlessly with tools they already use.

Video Chat provides the client and pet the convenience of a comfortable environment and gives veterinarians live video access to the patient. For your clients, the appointment is hosted in the same app they use to request appointments, receive health service reminders, and access their pet’s vaccine history. 

With Video Chat, your clinic can reap the benefits of client satisfaction and increased business efficiency while delivering the top-notch care you’re known for.

Key Functionality

High-Quality Video

Most modern phones have high-definition cameras that allow for easy switching of rear and forward-facing cameras. A client can easily choose to switch to their rear camera, providing a good view of the patient. Coupling this high-definition image with Twilio’s leading secure video technology results in a crisp and clear image, helpfully informing medical recommendations as a doctor and connecting with your client as a human.

Simple for the Client to Join

Your clients won’t be left confused and frustrated about how to join their Virtual Care appointment. PetDesk generates a unique link for all clientswhether they have the app or notthat will guide them into the appointment with you. We’ll send these links to the client on your behalf at several points throughout the scheduling and confirmation process to ensure they have one at the time of the appointment. Plus, you’ll have the ability to copy the appointment link from your dashboard to send via Two-Way Messaging or email. From within Video Chat, you can even ‘nudge’ clients with a text including the link if they’re running late.

Customized Clinic Training and Onboarding

As you get started with a new tool to extend your care, PetDesk’s industry-leading Customer Success and Customer Support teams are there to help you. You will receive personalized assistance with planning the implementation of Video Chat, staff training and ongoing support, and guidance based on best practices and insights from other clinics. You’ll be up and running in no time! At PetDesk, we are dedicated to strengthening the bond between clients and veterinarians. With the introduction of Video Chat, we are taking a step towards better connectivity. Pet parents and clinics will be more accessible to one another than ever. Veterinarians will have a new tool to offer convenience and continue to build their personal connection with clients even outside of the clinic; clients will have a new way to get the care they deserve, from the comfort of their home.