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We have some pretty cool news. PetDesk’s Provider Dashboard just got a makeover!

We have redesigned our entire dashboard interface to be more user-friendly (plus it looks like a million bucks). All the tools you have gotten used to are still there and act the same, but now we have some new functions to help make your lives easier. Our customers will see this brand new dashboard on Tuesday, May 3rd!

Here is a quick list of changes and new features:

  • Live chat is here! Our support tab now has a live chat function that can be used for spur of the moment questions during our business hours (8AM-5PM PST.) Your email and clinic info will auto-populate within each message to us. We do grab a coffee and eat like normal humans, so we may not be available all day long but we will get back to you ASAP.
  • More pet and client details at your fingertips. Including age, breed and client contact info.
  • If any pets are missing reminders, or your client’s email/phone is missing or invalid, we’ll give you a heads up in multiple places.

  • The first thing you see when opening the dashboard is the thing you care about most, your new requests! The dashboard now automatically pulls up new requests when you log in.
  • If you have not already enabled desktop notifications, the button to set that up is now much bigger and very easy to use. Within this update, new requests will pop up and refresh every 30 seconds no matter what tab you are on.
  • Client and pet photos are larger and easier to see.
  • The home page has been removed and replaced with new tabs to find exactly what you need. Be it appointment settings, web button links, social media tools and your basic metrics with PetDesk.


Last but not least, be sure you use an up-to-date internet browser with this new tool. We recommend using Google Chrome! 

Everyone here is very excited about this release! We are always working to improve our products for you.

We know you have questions (that’s what we are here for) use the new chat feature to ask us!