Google’s New Update Can Affect Your Veterinary Website
Veterinary Marketing Aug 15, 2018

Google’s New Update Can Affect Your Veterinary Website


Starting Early July 2018, Google will begin marking websites without SSL Certificates as unsafe. If you don’t currently have an SSL certificate, your website will be inaccessible to individuals using certain browsers like Google Chrome and Safari.

What is an SSL Certificate?

An SSL certificate is a group of certain data files that help digitally bind information to your organization. This allows for secure connections from a web server to a web browser, ensuring that any information that is inputted into the website is secure.

What are the benefits of an SSL Certificate?

There are a couple of reasons why having an SSL Certificate on your website are important:

  • Helps increase your SEO ranking, specifically with Google
  • Keeps your website data secure
  • Encrypts any client data that is inputted into the website (Such as usernames, passwords, and pet information)

How do I tell if I have an SSL Certificate?

1. A Free SSL Checker Website

There are several free websites that are available that you can easily check your SSL status by simply copying and pasting your URL. Here are a few that we found:

2. The HTTPS Status

Another simple way to check if you have an SSL encryption is to check the “HTTP” section of your URL. All websites that have SSL encryption will start with “https://”. Unencrypted websites will start with “https://” with NO s on the end.

3. A Lock Icon

On most websites, you’ll be able to see on the top left hand of the browser where you input your URL whether or not a website is secure. It looks something like this:
Lock icon

What if I currently have an SSL Certificate?

Nothing will change! You don’t have to worry about making any security changes to your website.

How can I get an SSL Certificate for my Veterinary Website?

PetDesk offers website services for veterinary clinics to complement our reminder system. These websites are customizable, SEO ready, mobile optimized and include a valid SSL Certificate.

Our websites come paired with integrated appointment requests so your clients can schedule appointments through their native mobile app, through your website, or by making a phone call to your clinic.

If your website is currently managed by PetDesk, feel free to contact your Customer Success Manager so you can discuss any concerns you may have regarding your website.

Interested in checking out our integrated reminder systems? Schedule a demo with one of our consultants today!