PetDesk Employee of the Month: Lakai the Lucky Dog
PetDesk News Feb 7, 2018

PetDesk Employee of the Month: Lakai the Lucky Dog


Hi everyone! My name is Lakai and I am PetDesk’s first dog intern.

My name means lucky in Hawaiian and oh boy was I lucky! When I was a young pup, I was rescued from the streets of Mexico. Life has been pretty great ever since.

Lakai sitting on the patio

The streets made me pretty frightened of the world around me. I never thought I would be brave enough to grab life by its horns.

Lakai hiking

Until, one day, my mom got a job at PetDesk! She chose me out of my nine brothers and sisters to go work with her and be an intern.

Lakai in a PetDesk shirt in the office

At first, it was really scary because to get to the office, she would take me inside a square box with a big mouth that would eat us whole! Then, it would puke us out to another part of the world. That was some intense stuff!

Lakai being carried by his mom

I slowly learned that this scary hungry box was called an elevator… and it is truly harmless. It took me a while to adapt to boxes that eat you, as well as all those four-legged and two-legged coworkers.

Lakai sleeping at the office

To be honest, sometimes I still have a hard time. But I found my comfort zone. My bed underneath my mom’s desk is my safe zone. When I get shy and nervous, I grab my leash and walk myself to the safe zone. I am pretty independent but can get shy.

Lakai holding his leash

Sometimes my co-workers do not even know I’m in the office… even after 6 hours! I have mastered how to make myself truly invisible; it’s like my superhero power!

Lakai sleeping

I don’t like having a set schedule when it comes to work, which is why I am so happy to just be an intern at PetDesk. My main responsibility here is to kiss my mom every five minutes while she’s on calls with her favorite humans. Can’t get any better than that!

Lakai giving his mom a kiss