Hi to everybody reading this! My name is Luna and I have been a dedicated employee of PetDesk since July. I have to be honest here. Writing this blog post is the first hard work I’ve had at PetDesk. I scrape by doing the bare minimum, and it is so fabulous. I sleep on the job ALL the time. I have no idea how I haven’t been demoted yet – maybe I shouldn’t write that. Too late now!

Exhibit A:

I can fall asleep pretty much anywhere. On a chair, in my bed, in a drawer, on the floor… I am not too picky. Sometimes I throw in some good snoring to remind everyone that I’m not working.

Exhibit B:

I have some pretty cool colleagues that bring me cookies and snacks in between my naps, and the occasional butt scratch. I usually get asked to do things like high fives and sits, and I am more than happy to oblige (for treats)!

Exhibit C:

At the end of the workday, I get really excited to go home and get on my couch (obviously for more napping). This girl needs a lot of beauty sleep!

Exhibit D:

Well, I’m starting to get sleepy already, time to curl back up for another nap.

Thanks for reading about my “job” at PetDesk!