PetDesk News: PetDesk Celebrates One Million App Users
PetDesk News May 29, 2019

PetDesk News: PetDesk Celebrates One Million App Users



Chart showing PetDesk App Users in Last Five Years

PetDesk is proud to announce we’ve hit a major milestone – ONE MILLION APP USERS!  Only 1% of apps ever reach one million app downloads, let alone users, so we are delighted to share this news.  We are also incredibly thankful for all who made it possible: our PetDesk customers and app users.

After being featured as one of Apple’s “New Apps We Love” in 2018 (an accolade no other pet health app has achieved), reaching one million app users further cements our status as the top-rated and downloaded pet health mobile app.  We are even more motivated to continue making it the most useful pet care app in the market for our customers and pet parents.

Launched in 2014, it took three years to get to our first 250,000 app users.  During that time, our engineering team worked to build the foundation of what you see today.  Since then, our app user growth has sped up considerably, garnering our newest 250,000 users in just six months.  

Two of our founders, Taylor and Ken, playing a gameThat doesn’t mean we’ve eased off though – the PetDesk team is growing and developing exciting new functionalities.  If there is one thing you can expect from PetDesk, it’s that we will never stop at “good enough.”  

As consumer behavior and our relationship with technology continue to evolve, we are wildly committed to staying ahead of the curve and providing the best product for our customers and users.

Because ultimately, our mission is to improve and extend pet lives by helping pet parents stay current and pet care providers stay connected. Each new user brings us closer to the vision to generate 10 million additional years of pet life!  (Click here for a refresher on getting your clients to download the PetDesk app.)

Here’s to the next million users.  Cheers!

PetDesk Team celebrating one million app downloads

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