Pet Employee of the Month: Betsey the Boxer
PetDesk News Nov 17, 2017

Pet Employee of the Month: Betsey the Boxer


Flashback circa 2009. My name is Betsey and I am a boxer. I am from Texas, but recently moved to California. Ever since I was a wee little puppy I dreamed of the big city and the office jobs it housed. If there was one thing I have always known it was that I wanted to grow up to be an office dog. This would prove to be very hard, considering I was a crazy pup, but that would not stop me from pursuing my dreams!

A brown boxer puppy.

Over the years I worked hard to be a good girl. I practiced all of my sits and downs. Here is a picture of all my progress:

Betsey with a flower on her collar

My mom moved to a big city called San Diego for a job and she brought me along too. I was very excited to move to a brand new home. The best part was my mom said that I could come to her new office! The night before my first day I asked my mom to tell me all about our new job.

She said the place we’d be going was called PetDesk… and there would be other dogs to play with me! It sounded like a dream come true. This is me and mini-me the night before my very first day! To say the least, I did not get much sleep that night.

Betsey laying in bed with her toy

FINALLY! The morning I had waited my whole life for had arrived. The sun rose but it was brighter that day. My mom loaded me into the car and we drove to the office…

Flash Forward a few months:

I am now an established employee here at PetDesk and my contributions do not go unnoticed. Today I got my very own desk!

Betsey at her desk in the office

I am a very happy dog having a purpose. I love coming into the office to see my dog friends and my human coworkers. I don’t want to brag… but I think I might be up for a raise soon.