How can you differentiate your practice, boost client loyalty, and increase revenue?

Simple. Spend half an hour on the phone with PetDesk. Our Implementation Team will work with you to customize a synced, PetDesk app-based Loyalty Program for your vet practice. Here’s a true story about one of our customers and their journey to success through Loyalty.

Want to print out the infographic below and share it with the rest of the veterinary staff? Download the printer-friendly infographic PDF here.

Colorful infographic regarding statistics of how loyalty helped a veterinary practice.

Pet Care Loyalty as a Revenue Generator

A Clinic’s Story of App-Based Loyalty

Before PetDesk Loyalty

Before starting with PetDesk, a veterinary clinic had 2 out of 3 new clients spending below the average amount on their pet’s health care. Only 1 out of 3 new clients spent above the average amount in order to ensure their pet’s optimal well-being.

  • 67% of clients spent about $300 per year
  • 33% of clients spent about $500 per year.

67% of the pets in my practice are not getting all the proper care they need! I know we can do better!

PetDesk Implementation

The clinic decided to partner with PetDesk and implement the full platform with a focus on loyalty. A PetDesk implementation Specialist worked with the Practice Manager to sync and setup the clinic’s customizable Loyalty Program. Working together they discovered some best practices.

Best Practices:

  • Launch PetDesk Loyalty at the same time as the rest of the PetDesk Products
  • Have “Welcome Points” for all new loyalty clients equal to the first reward
  • During checkout, staff mentions the loyalty app program to all clients
  • Allow new clients to use their first reward during their first visit

After signing up for the PetDesk Loyalty program, clients are offered a welcome reward that is immediately redeemable. This creates great conversion among clients to become Loyalty users and spend more during that visit.

After PetDesk Loyalty

Six months after implementing PetDesk Loyalty, the clinic saw a major shift in their customer base. Now 2 out of 3 new clients are above average spenders and the new high spending average increased by an additional $100!

  • 33% of clients spent about $300 per year
  • 67% of clients spent about $600 per year

Not only does PetDesk Loyalty incentivize new clients to spend more and come back more often, but existing clients that were previously above average spenders are now spending 20% more!

The Bottom Line

synced, customizable loyalty program isn’t just an ordinary discount plan. By using these best practices with their program, this clinic saw a major shift in revenue per client.

35% increase in revenue across all clients

This clinic had roughly 1,000 current clients with an average spend of $350 per year, but with PetDesk Loyalty they were able to gain +$122,500 in additional annual revenue!