PetDesk Celebrates Two Million App Users!
PetDesk News Sep 25, 2020

PetDesk Celebrates Two Million App Users!


Graph of PetDesk Users over the last five yearsWe are proud to announce an exciting milestone here at PetDesk – TWO MILLION APP USERS! At this big milestone, we’re especially thankful for our PetDesk customers and our app users.

As we get closer to our mission of improving and extending the lives of pets, we’re overjoyed at the trust millions of pet parents, and thousands of veterinary clinics, put into PetDesk, every day.

PetDesk launched in 2014 with an app to help veterinary clinics’ clients take better care of their pets. Since then, the number of app users has been growing faster and faster. It took us three years to get our first 250,000 app users, and we celebrated our first million users just last year. 

Most clients only visit a veterinary clinic two or three times a year. That’s why we’re so excited that nearly 30% of our app users use PetDesk every month. Particularly while many are working from home and around their furry family more often, pet parents are using the app to regularly manage their pet health. As many veterinarians will attest: the best preventative care is delivered by the client at home. 

We are continuing to focus on improving the communication between veterinary practices and pet parents, and we’re looking forward to what’s to come! 

If you’re a PetDesk customer and would like to get more of your clients to download the app, you can read our blog post here for ideas.

So here’s to the next million, and thanks for joining us on this ride! 

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