Today we’d love to introduce you to Dr. Ashley Bourgeois, @theDermVet, Veterinary dermatologist at the Animal Dermatology Clinic Portland, business owner and board member for a company.

What’s your story?

I fell in love with dermatology because of the visualization of skin disease and the long-term relationship I get to build with my clients and patients. I am passionate about restoring the bond between pets and their owners by controlling their skin and ear disease. Also, teaching veterinarians how to do the same through my online accounts (@TheDermVet). I am passionate about health/wellness in our industry. Whether that is going to the gym, working out at home or going for a walk. Daily movement helps my physical and mental health. My husband and I love being outdoors so hike with the kids and our dog. Also, avid sports fans!

What is your secret to making pet parents feel special?

Making them a part of the team! Communication is huge for me whether that is within the exam room, on the phone, emails, online apps, etc. I want them to feel accessible to our clinic and that we will be responsive. Especially since skin and ear disease can change rapidly.

How has PetDesk helped save time at your clinic?

It has definitely given our CSRs more time to allow confirming appointments to be done through PetDesk. Our staff has been happier focusing on other duties on a daily basis.

What is your favorite thing about PetDesk?

[PetDesk is] a fun, responsive team that is pushing veterinary medicine in a customer-centered direction.

We absolutely loved hearing about Ashley’s story. To learn more about Ashley and follow her journey, give her a follow at @thedermvet.

Instagram: @thedermvet