PetDesk Product Update: New Logo!
PetDesk News Jul 9, 2017

PetDesk Product Update: New Logo!


Updated PetDesk Logo Banner

As you know, we’ve been making quite a few improvements lately.

First, we had the name change from PetPartner to PetDesk to reflect our additional offerings and differentiate ourselves in the pet space. Then, we released our transaction-based loyalty program to help pet parents get rewarded for being great veterinary clients. Next, we gave the app a new look with our re-skin so our user experience would be modern, clear, and simply more awesome. 

Finally, we’ve got our new logo to wrap it up and bring it all together! Check it out: 


New PetDesk Logo


You’ll see the new logo in the latest app store update for Apple and for Android mobile devices. Our customers will also see it updated in the practice dashboard (along with some color changes and other updates we’ll roll out very soon)!